Immortalibus Bella: Book One

The world is broken. A great, unknown cataclysm has destroyed the modern world, leaving the remnants of humanity in a Second Dark Ages. With technology lost and the world once again ruled by bandits and thugs, small kingdoms and city-states are all that is left of civilization. The people living in these cities suffer from corruption, old prejudices, and the cold conditions in which they live.

Witness to the rise and fall of human civilization are the Immortals, men and women gifted with life unending. They have watched from the shadows for thousands of years, taking care not to reveal their secret, lest they face persecution. All the while, the Immortals struggle with their own internal conflicts, bitter rivalries, and secret ambitions.

Mica, a member of a small trio of Immortals, must enter a corrupt city-state in search of his enemy who is trapped in the body of a child for thousands of years. The child holds an ancient artifact, which unrecovered could finally end Mica’s long life. Standing in the trio’s way are the lawmen of this valley town, a powerful demon under the child’s control, and a mysterious woman, who holds strange powers of her own. Her actions will have a profound effect on Mica and his companions’ quest, as well as on the fate of the humans struggling to survive in a harsh world.



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