The Reaping: IB 2

Mica’s quest hasn’t quite gone the way he had hoped.  Capture by his enemy was not on his list of things to do.

The immortal knows his nemesis is a little boy, but all his interactions have been with a young man who bears an eerie resemblance to Nicky.  How big is the kid’s group of villains? And who will rescue him?

Meanwhile, his former best friend Eron, is learning more about the mysterious duchess who has moved in and ensnared the king.  Parts of his past, locked away against his knowledge and will, are resurfacing.  Will he pick vengeance, or will he walk away?

Illyria has her hands full, juggling the king’s attentions, re-building the town, and trying to bring an end to Lord Nicky’s hold over the kingdom. She’s trying not to repeat her past mistakes, but it can be so hard with her great powers. Will she find the balance she needs?



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